How Much Time Could A Lightweight Carbon Bike Save You?

Phil Cavell

October 22


A photo montage of a man out of his depth on a very pretty pink steel bike

Weight is for Green-Grocers and The History Man 

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Is UCI Weight-Limit Redundant With Modern Lightweight Carbon Bikes?

Phil Cavell

October 16

Back in The Day

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SRM PC8: Pre-Order Now

James Hewitt

September 30

After a number of false-starts, SRM are finally accepting pre-orders for the SRM PC8 head-unit.

Register here to pre-order your SRM PC8. Expected delivery in late January 2015. Prices are yet to be confirmed, but expect to pay £700 inc. VAT.

Favoured by pro-teams for it’s simple, clear read-out and robust performance, the PC7 became the gold-standard display device to accompany the SRM power-meter. SRM has been unashamed in it’s focus on the needs of the pro-peloton; a characteristic which has attracted similarly exacting amateurs and enthusiasts who eschewed the complexities of Garmins and the like in favour of precision and reliability.

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Destination Cross: The Disc-Brake Trek Boone

Jimmy Wilson

September 30

Bike manufacturers are always eager to list the features and benefits of their latest model. Trek really went to town with the Boone, detailing twenty features and related benefits. Some (such as “11 speed”) are clearly making up the numbers, but a couple have the potential to positively and tangibly improve performance.


I am lucky enough to have a Boone 9 Disc to race cyclocross on this season, and having completed one and a half races so far, I am beginning to feel the benefits of those features.

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Cyclefit-GPM10 Girona Training Weekend

James Hewitt

September 23



On November 15th & 16th 2014, GPM10 and Cyclefit are providing the opportunity to kick-start your winter training and improve cycling performance in a weekend of structured riding on the training roads of some of the world’s top professional cycling teams.

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Training Roads Of The Pros: Riding The BMC SLR01 On The Albula Pass

James Hewitt

September 12

“After a 1-hour warm-up, we met on the Albula Pass at 1800m of altitude: [He] rode a stretch of 100m of total difference in height several times, at increasing intensities, checking the times, the heart rates and the lactic acid concentrations".

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How To Choose The Right Crank Length To Improve Triathlon Performance

Garth Fox

August 14

Shorter crank lengths are all the rage at the sharp end of triathlon and are increasingly being adopted by ambitious age group athletes.

Do a few millimeters really matter? Sports Scientist Garth Fox investigates and shares some triathlon training tips...

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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Titanium Bike

Phil Cavell

July 25

Q: What has buying a titanium bike got to do with the mystical charms of eating the Fugu (Japanese Puffer Fish)?

A: The answer is neither should be rationally contemplated on a budget or without knowing the precise provenance of the raw material and more especially the chef/welder who will ultimately prepare it for you. 

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Nibali: The Training & Cycling Nutrition Behind A Winning Performance

James Hewitt

July 24

In part 1 of this series, learn how:

  • There are few absolutes in nutrition
  • Training & nutrition could have underpinned Nibali's Tour de France stage winning performance
  • Training and nutrition provide the signals and building blocks to improve performance and enhance adaptations to training
  • Why we must understand the demands of an event
  • How Team Sky use a ‘performance question model’ to structure their nutritional strategy
  • Why professional cyclists may be the ultimate all-rounders
  • What is means to create a ‘Metabolic Performance Environment’
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Cyclefit Sports Science Series

James Hewitt

July 21

Cyclefit launches the ‘Cyclefit Sports Science Series’: a programme of presentations designed to help cyclists and triathletes improve their performance through cutting edge insights from the worlds of professional sport, high-performance coaching and analytics.

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