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Cyclefit Tips For Riding The Belgian Cobbles

Phil Cavell

April 01

Images by Gerard Brown


Rolling the Stones! 

Riding the cobbles at some point in your career is a right of passage like owing a pair of tubs or riding a time-trial. Just once you owe it to yourself. How hard can it be?

The hard facts are that everything is harder on you and your bike: cornering, braking, accelerating, climbing, riding tempo. Throw in some wind, sleet and rain and the cobbles are a battle-zone. No wonder we call the Trek Domane/Koppenberg The WarHorse!

We have a long-standing fascination with The Cobbles at Cyclefit and we have all spent punishing hours riding them. Here are our own tips for making your journey onto the Holy Stones a magical one. Good luck.


Morgan Lloyd

Morgan (The Morganizer) Paris-Roubaix Top-Tips:

1. Get your bike serviced and in A1 condition - Roubaix is punishing. The parcours will find out any weaknesses and faults in both body and bike so get the bike professionally serviced and consider checking saddle and pedals especially. If the saddle is fatigued or cracked then Roubaix will finish it off and same with pedals. Double tape is essential and don’t be a hero. Wear gloves.
2. Wider tyres, 85 PSI- 25’s minimum - Conti GP 4 Seasons were amazing. No punctures all day. In my opinion 1 week old new boots give you the confidence that the tyres will look after you. 28's would be best if you can fit them in!
3. Attack the road sections, survive the cobbled sectors- The sectors are a test of concentration and finding the smoothest line. Avoid the temptation to focus only on going full gas as many people advocate but be tactical, look ahead and focus to stay on best line and negotiate traffic. The road sections are where you are able to attach and make up some time. Go hard.
4. Use the gutter - There is no shame in it. Get in there and enjoy flying past people trying to gain ‘man points.’ It’s not big or clever.
5. Wrap up warm for the start but wear sunscreen - It is usually very cold in the morning at the start so layer up but be prepared to get rid of some layers as the day progresses. If you are really lucky there may be some April sun, it is a long day out on a bike so although it may seem weird on a cold, dark morning to slap on the sunscreen get it done.
6. Do not get tempted to do 100km around Flanders climbs the day before - Rest up and go into the day fresh. A shakedown spin to make sure the bike is set up ok when you arrive the day before is a good idea but no more than this. A beer or two the night before seems to work for me but maybe not for others. Duvel is the drink of choice!

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Trek Domane Koppenberg Review

Jimmy Wilson

March 31

Trek Koppenberg WarHorse Review - by Jimmy Wilson



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Cyclefitting Women Professional Cyclists - Team Matrix Pro Cycling

Jimmy Wilson

February 27

Team Matrix Matrix Pro Cycling - It's All About Relationships

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Cyclefit Podiatry and Customised Carbon Cycling Orthotics

Morgan Lloyd

February 11

Cycling Orthotics at Cyclefit by Mick Habgood

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Three Days of Milan - Passoni Factory Visit & Trek Factory Racing

Phil Cavell

February 09

Three Days of Milan - Passoni Factory Visit  & TFR

Three Days of Milan

Just as the weather turned spiteful in the UK last year, me and Jules headed off to Milan on a two-pronged expedition. To visit the Passoni factory to overdose on titanium craftsmanship and also work with a few Trek Factory Racing riders at their Milan holding camp as the end of term loomed large. 


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Trek Factory Racing - Cyclefit Blog

Julian Wall

January 13

When you have to leave you just want to go back, to be part of the boy’s journeys through and over continents in extreme weather in sickness and in health.

I feel I can call them boys - even Fabian - as I’m old enough to have fathered them; although if they were my offspring I doubt they would have become twenty eight of the world’s very best cyclists, maybe my namesake could have been my off-spring, but there’s no way my genes would have produced such plump and full-fruited mahogany coloured Vastus Medialis. I’m not alone in how I feel at Cyclefit we all care about the riders, Uncle Phil and Morgan (who’s only twenty six) worry about their welfare, seeing or hearing about a crash is like seeing your own child fall in the playground; Matthew’s repeated crashes in the Tour de France hurt us too, we wanted to be there for him, to nurse him and put him back on his bike and make sure he was OK before he went to bed, answer his questions before he turned out his light. We gather around the TV at HQ and watch the younger riders make their suicidal attacks on the decisive climb sent out as bait but deep down inside where their dreams are they hope they can stay away and so do we, we cheer them on as the gap to the peloton inevitably closes before the big boys ride past without a sideways look of recognition.


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BMC Team Machine SLR01 Review

Julian Wall

December 22

In November I had the opportunity to attend GPM10’s Girona Training Camp, two days of riding and power tests to prepare eager riders for their winter training and also the opportunity to get some sunshine and away from the greyness of the UK’s winter. To make the weekend in to something even more special BMC asked if I would like to try one of their Team Machine SLR01 bikes. It’s not often I get the opportunity to ride a test bike as I ride a 50 cm frame so I jumped at the chance.


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Cervelo R5 v's Trek Emonda SLR v's Phil's Back

Phil Cavell

December 17

Cervelo R5 v's Trek Emonda SLR v's Phil's Back

This One Hurts.
It is three years since I hit a pothole and spun over the bars. I have tried everything to recover.
I tell you this because I am almost entirely over not being able to ride a proper superbike up and down proper mountains. Almost over until I see a 2015 R5 pop up in the 2014 Tour being ridden 13k in the rain for a beautiful win by Ramunas Navardauskas on a bike that whose sole intention was to taunt me. Or that is how it feels.

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The Frame is Nothing But The Chainstay Seven Cycles

Phil Cavell

December 15

The Frame is Nothing But The Chainstay

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The Science Of What To Wear For Winter Cycling

James Hewitt

December 11

This article was written by genius ex-Cyclefit sports scientist James Hewitt. James left us a few weeks ago to run NASA but you can stay abreast of his prodigious cycling science output right here



Find out how can to regulate your body temperature, ride in more comfort and improve cycling performance this winter.

Through the year and even within a single ride, riders can be exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions. Temperature and moisture levels can fluctuate significantly between seasons and even within rides, due to changing weather conditions or through the impact of altitude. Also, whilst we often think about staying warm in winter, with many riders spending increasing amounts of time on the turbo-trainer and with the abundance of winter clothing available, it’s also important to avoid getting too hot!

In this feature, we explore how environmental conditions can influence cycling performance, health, comfort, explain how to minimise potential negative effects and even use the environment to your advantage!

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